Logos Ministries of Finland

Kansan Raamattuseura, Logos Ministries of Finland has a calling to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to equip Christians to find their gifts and place in the Body of Christ.

We serve local churches in evangelism and in teaching and equipping church members. Besides work with local churches, we reach out to students, youth and children, have marriage ministries and work among senior citizens.


We work within the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland; but, we are open to work with other churches and denominationsas well  in proclaiming the Gospel. We want to encourage people to believe in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and to bring others to Him.

The motto of our work is: Living by grace, proclaiming Jesus.

In our ministry there is room for people from different spiritual backgrounds and emphasis. We want build bridges  - both for  knowing God and in fellowship with Christians across social and denominational boundaries.

Besides work with local churches, we have student, youth, children and marriage ministries and work among senior citizens. In Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Jyväskylä, Lahti, Mikkeli and Kuopio we offer activities for different age groups.

We publish a Christian weekly paper, Sana, the second largest Christian weekly in Finland.

In our six retreat centers around Finland, we offer a wide selection of events, courses, retreats and camps for all age groups. Three of these centers are open year round: Vivamo, Oronmylly, Kairosmaja. Three serve during the summer only: Orisberg, Säynämö and Tervonsalmi.

All the centers are located in beautiful country settings and each one serves as also an important spiritual centre in its area.
Vivamo is especially known for the Vivamo Bible Village theatre that perofrms Bible stories and reaches thousands of people of all ages annually.

The main thrust of our work is in Finland,  but we have connections and work also abroad.

  • We partner with Agape Europe/ CRU especially in student ministry and Jesus Film ministry. A number of Finns serve in full time ministry with AE/CRU abroad.
  • In Estonia we co-operate with the Church of Estonia in trainers’ training for Time for Growth course.
  • In Russia we work together with local believers in prison ministry mainly in the Murmansk area and  in helping street children and deprived families in St Petersburg. This is done in co-operation with the social workers  of the Protection of Children Regional non-governmental charitable foundation.
  • In India we support ministry among orphans and widows through the work of local pastors via  Mother Theresa Welfare Society

Charasteristic to our work is active participation of volunteers, people who give of their time and talents for the ministry.

Logos Ministries of Finland was founded in 1945 during a spiritual revival in Finland after the Second World War.  The number of staff totals nearly 90. Our work is made possible by the support, prayers and voluntary work of thousands of friends. Two thirds of our annual income is made up of donations from our regular supporters, offerings and fund raising campaigns.

  • Director:   Ulla Saunaluoma, pastor

  • Deputy director:  Kalle Virta, pastor

  • Editor-in-Chief of the Sana paper: Heli Karhumäki

  • CEO at Karas-Sana Ltd: Terhi Rajala

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