Oron päärakennus pieni

Eastern Finland with its tens of thousands of lakes, streams and pine forests and many interesting places to visit make Karelia a great area for vacation.

Oronmylly, a Christian Conference and Recreation Centre, offers a place to stay  in Särkisalmi village, Parikkala, in South-Eastern Finland, Oronmylly lies in the vicinity of high ridges and clear water ponds. It has been in use as a Christian Center since 1963. The name Oronmylly refers to a grain mill (mylly = mill) that was central to the region’s farmers in times past.


Oronmylly welcomes visitors for day trips and excursions or longer stays. The surrounding nature offers excellent opportunities for outdoor recreation. Come to Oronmylly for cross-country skiing in winter and trekking in woods in summer and autumn or just for a time of rest in peace and quiet.

 oronmyllyn virtaava vesi

The area offers interesting sights and one of the best places in Finland for bird watching, the Siikalahti Bay Bird Sanctuary.

Oronmylly offers beautiful nature trails for hikers.


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